We focus to deliver bespoke aerospace technologies that enable and speed up missions and projects above the ground. We proud ourselves on the innovation and durability of the product that we create. Having strong ground in research and technology allows us to deliver tailored innovation to fit our customers' needs. Up&Above (Zvelk auksciau UAB) is a private organization established in 2012 and intended for research and development and manufacturing of aerospace and defense related products. The recent activities of Up&Above comprise development of mini UAV’s for reconnaissance applications, antiaircraft aerial targets and components of nano satellites.


 SOA-1 Small Observational Aircraft "Buzzard"

Small Observational Aircraft "Buzzard" is designed for short range reconnaissance applications. The aircraft can be easily transported and operated by one person. The flight time of UAV is 45 minutes to 2 hours. Telemetry can be operated within the radius of 10-15 kilometers and live video transmission up to 5-10 kilometers. The aircraft is assembled and prepared for flight in 5 min. and carried in a box with dimensions of 105 x 45 x 23 cm.


 OA-1 Medium Observational Aircraft "Heron-1"

Observational Aircraft is designed for medium range tactical reconnaissance applications. The aircraft can be transported and operated by two persons. The flight time of UAV is 10 - 12 hours. Telemetry can be operated within the radius of 50-100 km and live video transmission up to 30-50 km. The aircraft is assembled and prepared to fly in 15 minutes and transported by a standard passenger car.


 OT-1 Aerial Target UAV

Aerial targets save the costs of training of the Antiaircraft defence personnel by imitation of the flying aircrafts. Aerial targets perform preprogrammed flight in the radius of 20 km and can be detected by radar tracking. Infrared fingerprint provides the antiaircraft missiles with the pointing signal. Optionally the Air target can be equipped with infrared towed target for shooting training applications.

 OA-2 "Spartan"

"Spartan" aerial vehicle is intended for ease of transportation by two persons, hand launch and very low noise in operation. The aircraft is hand launched (no need for launch equipment), with flight endurance of 4 - 5 hours. The takeoff mass of aircraft is up to 12 kg, payload mass of up to 2 kg.

 Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft VX-12

Experimental vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL). Ensures vertical takeoff and landing by means of quadcopter propellers and horizontal flight by fixed wings lift. Aircraft is electric powered, with flight endurance of up to 2 h. Takeoff mass of aircraft is up to 14 kg, with payload of up to 2 kg.


 Nanosatellite components

The number of the Nanosatellites (1-10 kg) launched into the orbit has grown twice just within the half year of 2013. The nano satellites are commercialized rapidly and used in Earth observation and collection of distributed sensor data all around the world. Cost effective networks of small satellites allow to get the information permanently from distant territories in near real time. Based on LitSat flight heritage we offer following components:

  • Cubesat Structure (1U)
  • GaAs and Si Solar panels (1U)
  • Deployable Systems
  • ARM 7 Cortex M4 based On-board Computer Systems

Projects & Applications

On Feb 28, 2014 nanosatellite LitSat-1, made by the joint team of Lithuanian Space Association, Space Science and Technology Institute and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), was launched into the orbit. According to the agreement with the U.S. company NANORACKS LLC, LitSat-1 was carried to the International Space Station by Orbital Cygnus resupply mission at Jan 9, 2014 and was launched into the space by robotic arm from Japanese Kibo module.
The main goal of this satellite project, named Mission Lituanica 80 being one of the two first Lithuanian Cubesats, is to perform the test flight and verification of all system components and collect the attitude determination data by gyro, magnetic, solar sensors and GPS receiver. These data will be used in the next Cubesat mission aiming to verify piezoelectric actuators of active satellite attitude control in 2016.


On Sep 28, 2013 the bids for delivery of antiaircraft aerial target systems to Lithuanian Air Forces were won and in October of 2013 the contract with Lithuanian Army was signed. Aerial targets are used for training of the personnel of Air Defence Batallion by radar tracking of the flying aircrafts and imitation of the infrared fingerprint for pointing of antiaircraft missiles.


Research and Development Agreement with Lithuanian Power Distribution Company Lietuvos Energija was signed in 2012. The goal of the research is to define the possibilities of mini UAV\'s of monitoring of the high voltage towers and location of the points of power leakage. Since 2013 the co-operation with Blue Ocean Robotics, Denmark in the field of the aerial read out of RFID for cargo and cattle tracking applications is developed. Aerial data of the hyperspectral cameras and radio scanners are processed to build up the maps and provide the customers with analytical information, photogrammetrical measurements and detection of situation change.

our team

Dr. Domantas Bručas
CEO of Up & Above
Since 2015 

Edvinas Geležinis 
 Aviation specialist

Tautvydas Skipitis
Mechanical engineer

Mantas Mikalauskis
Electronics engineer

Gediminas Maskeliūnas
Mechanical engineer

Vytautas Maskeliūnas
Electronics engineer

Associated Professor of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Aviation Antanas Gustaitis Institute, Department of Aviation mechanics and Department of Geodesy and cadastre.
Author of over 20 scientific publications. During recent years have been involved in multiple national and international scientific projects, supervised the doctoral studies of PhD students. Chief Designer of Litsat-1 project.

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